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The Negotiations in the Middle East and South Africa
Women in the ANC and SWAPO: sexual abuse of young women in the ANC camps
13th Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress

Indian Backing for National Convention

"... Our women will deal with them"
"Champion of Peace and Freedom"

Umbrellas go up as the rain comes down, but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the huge crowd which gathered to honour Chief Luthuli at Curries Fountain last week.


"Mobilise and march forward to people`s power"
"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique. Argues that it is projecting a reformist image.

"The ANC lives lustily in all our hearts.."
"The struggle will itensify"
"What is to be done?"
1958 Break away at Orlando leads to formation of PAC

In November 1958, at the Transvaal provincial congress, some of the more ... they decided to break away, and on 6 April 1959 the PAC was formed. ...

1982: Year of international mobilisation for sanctions against South Africa

Address by the African National Congress to the United Nations General Assembly regarding sanctions against South Africa.

1983, Volume 7 Dawn page 3 Article: Response to a Crisis

RESPONSE TO A CRISISJAMES MAKHAYA, A combatant of MK, discuss the November white referendumThe history of the Nationalist Party is pock-marked with the continuous manoeuvres to consolidate their power and maintain white supremacy - the rule of the few over the black majority.Whenever their positi

1983, Volume 7 Dawn pages 1 and 2 Article: Editorial comment - Victory is Calling

Editorial CommentVICTORY IS CALLINGThis December 16, 1983, marks the twentyaecond Anniversary of the founding of Umkhonto we Sizwe: Though the past twenty-two years of armed struggle have indeed been an uphill struggle, our People's Army has always emerged victorious.

1983, Volume 7 Dawn pages 4 and 5 Article: The great illusion

THE GREAT ILLUSIONFirst of all 22 percent of the whites did not even bother to vote which is approximately 700,000 voters, i.e. about half the votes cast in favour of the 'new constitution' (1,300,000).

20 reasons for hope in SA
A better life for all

ANC pamphlet issued by the Department of Information and Publicity for the 1994 elections.

A born leader
A brief account of what happened during the criminal South Africa invasion against Lesotho

Statement by the African National Congress on the Matola Raid in Lesotho, a South African Government attack where over 40 people were murdered.

A brief general statement on the political situation in South Africa

Statement by the ANC National Executive Committee on the current political situation in South Africa, as examined by the meeting of the ANC National Executive Committee in Zambia, August 27-31 in 1971. Calls for unity and united action for the seizure of power.


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