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Ivory Bracelet

Ivory bracelet belonging to King Shaka kaZulu.

Zulu Boy: Phendula

Zulu boy Phendula wearing a kitchen uniform as a Tea boy at white man's house.

Zulu Boy: Phendula

Zulu boy named Phendula tending his father's goats on the fields.

'The war in South Africa :Native hut Tax

Sketch scene of Mr. Moodie the Magistrate of LadySmith collecting hut tax from natives.

Cronin & Tyrrell

Duggan-Cronin and Barbara Tyrrwll outside Cronin's gallery.


Scene of Xhosa male initiates preparing to dance.

Xhosa Chief

Portrait of a Xhosa Chief.

Xhosa Chief

Portrait of an elderly Xhosa Chief.

Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Photograph of Winnie Madikizela Mandela dressed in her Xhosa traditional oufit.

Xhosa Chief

Portrait of a Xhosa Chief.

Xhosa Girl

Portrait of a young Xhosa girl.

Mancalane's Beaded work

Beaded accessories made by Mancelane.

'Ukugaya uGwayi'

Mpondo woman grinding tobacco.

Mpondo Man

Portrait of a Mpondo man.

African Beauty

Mr. Brownin and his assistance capturing a photograph of a Zulu Maiden during a beauty Peagent.

African Beauty

Photograph from Brownin's album, of a Zulu maiden at a beauty peagent.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve; Camp Lounge

Hluhluwe game reserve camp lounge.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve; Rest Camp

Hluhluwe game reserve rest camp. 

Hluhluwe Game Reserve: Black Rhino

Black Rhino spoted at the Hluhluwe Game Reserve by Dr. Kohler during a family holiday.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve: Square Lipped Rhino

Square Lipped Rhino spotted at the Hluhluwe Game reserve by Dr. Kohler during a family holiday.


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