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Extracts from the Minutes of the City Council meeting

As is already known to the City Council, the Natal Indian Judicial Commission has been appointed by the Union Government with the following terms of reference:

Letters on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission from the Durban City Council

Sir, Indian Question in Natal.

I have the honour to refer to the deputations from Local Authorities which visited Cape Town to attend the Annual Conference of the United Municipal Executive and other interviews....

Memorandum to General Purpose Committee. Natal Indian Judicial Commission

1. The following letter dated 12th April 1944 has been sent to me by Secretary of the Natal Indian Judicial Commission......

Preliminary statement submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

We, the officials of the Natal Indian Congress an organization representing the Indian Community of Natal beg to submit this our preliminary statement on the subject matters of your Enquiry....

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