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The signing of the Agreement of non-aggression and good neighbourliness

Speech by Samora Machel on the signing of the Nkomati Accord.

Agreement on non-agression and good neighbourliness between the Government of the Republic of South Africa and the Government of the People's Republic of Mozambique

Copy of the Nkomati Accord.

Mobilise the people!

Draft, annotated ANC statement on the Nkomati Accord.


Comments by the Thornhill branch of the ANC on negotiations between the National Party and the African National Congress.

Summary notes of a meeting between Minister Silvino da Luz, Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and Messrs D W Auret and J Marx of the Department of Foreign Affairs: Praia, Cape Verde, 24 February 1986

Notes from a diplomatic meeting between the Foreign Minister of Cape Verde and representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs. The release of Captain du Toit being held in Angola was among the issues discussed

Personal notes of the conversations with his Excellency President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos on 23 September 1988 to be conveyed directly to His Excellency President Pieter W Botha

A translation of the personal notes of President Dos Santos answering questions presented by President P W Botha regarding the withdrawal of Cuban and South African troops from Angola and instituting peace and stability in the region

Meetings between Dr Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia, and Ministers R F Botha, Genl M A de M Malan and the Administrator General Dr W A van Niekerk

Minutes of Meetings between the Zambian Government and the South African Government

National forum - Africa shall be free when Azania is liberated
Frankly speaking ...
Regional focus
We are victorious
Fortifying declaration of solidarity
The final deal must be with us
Commander-in-Chief on the Nkomathi Accord
Introduction to Dossier on Diplomatic Offensive

Circular to African National Congress members and units on the South African government's diplomatic offensive, namely the Nkomati Accord and the withdrawal of the army from Angola.

Natal Administrator opens KLA
The hard facts of Nkomati....
Where do we go from here?: Presidential address


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