1860 Indentured labourers

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Christian Indians in Natal, 1860-1911 : an historical and statistical study


Christian Indians in Natal 1860-1911

History of Christian Indian settlement in Natal, South Africa.

Setting down roots : Indian migrants in South Africa, 1860-1911

From the early 1860s until 1911 thousands of Indians were recruited to work on the ...

Vehicle Licence

Vehicle Licence under ACT 22 1901

Vaccination Certificate

Vaccination was made ... hours every day except Sunday in examining and granting certificate to.

Poll Tax

1896, imposing poll tax on Indians in Natal, ... indentured Indian immigrants that the successive employers of Indians under original indenture ...

Pass to Indians

In South Africa, pass laws were a form of internal passport system designed to segregate the ...

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Indian Passport

Passport to travel

Indian Passport
Mercury Article - On the Arrival of Indians in Natal

Article in the Mercury on 2 November 1860 about the Indian arrival

Loading cane

Workers loading the cane on the cane field

Filling sugar in bags

Workers in the storage area on a Sugar Mill

Family in front of hut

Family in front of hut

Bishop Stoke Mill

Sugar Mills in Natal


Sugar cane flourished so much in Natal that the first mill was set up on the Compensation flats in 1850. As sugar became a larger crop in about ...


Sugar Mill - 1900 - Overport Hartley

Hartley's Mill started crushing in 1874. At the end of 1880, Hartley's Overport Sugar and Coffee Estate

Mr H Robinson

Sugar Barons

Report of the Protector of Indian Immigrants for the Year 1877

Report of the PROTECTOR OF INDIAN IMMIGRANTS 1877-1888. Report of the Protector of Immigrants for the year June 30, 1895. Report of the ...


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