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Constituent Assembly and Interim Government Articles African National Congress 1991-03-00
Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution Articles African National Congress 1992-03-31
Strategic perspective Articles African National Congress 1992-10-00
The strategic debate in the ANC Articles Pallo Jordan 1992-11-00
Immediate prospect for SACP Articles 1993-03-02
A Black South African's view of the present urban, rural and industrial situation Articles 1975-00-00
Statement by Legal organisations on the Public Safety Bill and the Internal Security Bill Articles 0000-00-00
Refusal to relocate from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 0000-00-00
Applicant's founding affidavit Affidavits United Democratic Front 0000-00-00
In the matter of the State versus Kader Hassim and 12 others Affidavits Unity Movement 1971-12-00
Rubin Hare, affidavit re treatment by police following arrest on November 7, 1974, in Cape Town, International Universities Exchange Fund, The New Terrorists, 1976 Affidavits 1975-02-13
Incident at Trafalgar High School Affidavits 1976-09-03
Statements by students arrested at Morris Isaacson High School on October 22, 1976 Affidavits 1976-10-22
Refusal to be relocated from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 1979-04-11
Refusal to relocate from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 1979-04-11
United Democratic Front declaration Affidavits United Democratic Front Declaration 1983-08-20
Agreement between Linda Malinga and Linda Bernhardft Affidavits Linda Malinga and Linda Bernhardft 1985-03-26
South African Institute of Race Relations: patterns of violence Affidavits 1992-00-00
Minutes of Plenary Meetings held in Geneva between 2 and 5 August 1988 between a South African delegation and an Angolan delegation and facilitated by a US delegation 1988-08-02
Nkosi Sikelela I-Afrika 1989-05-12


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