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Letter from Simon to Ray Simons Correspondence 1979-03-24
List of prisoners of the African National Congress in Rhodesian jails Correspondence African National Congress 1979-12-14
Letter to Comrade Y Zungu Correspondence Paula Ensor | David Hemson | Martin Legassick | Robert Petersen 1979-12-27
Letter from T. Nkobi, African National Congress Treasurer-General, to Dear Comrades Correspondence T. Nkobi | African National Congress 1980-00-00
Letter from Jack Simons to Alfred Nzo Correspondence Jack Simons 1981-03-09
Letter from Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs to Oliver Tambo Correspondence 1981-06-18
Draft letter from the African National Congress to Pope John Paul II Correspondence African National Congess 1982-00-00
Telegram from J van Dalsen, Director-General, Foreign Affairs and Information, South Africa, to His Excellency, Col Sergio Vieira, Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique Correspondence 1983-03-10
Telex from Col Sergio Vieira, Minister of Agriculture, Mozambique, to His Excellency, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cape Town Correspondence 1983-03-14
Letter from Andile to Jack and Ray Simons Correspondence Andile 1983-12-06
Letter from Jack Simons to Ronnie Kasrils Correspondence Jack Simons 1984-02-15
Message of the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the Governments of the United States, Angola and Zambia: 6 March 1984 Correspondence R F Botha 1984-03-06
Letter from Ray and Jack Simons to Mr S Mubako Correspondence Ray Simons | Jack Simons 1984-09-03
Letter from J D to Ray and Jack Simons Correspondence African National Congress 1984-10-30
Letter from Jack Simons to Comrade President Correspondence Jack Simons 1985-01-27
Telegram van H Leer Correspondence 1985-05-06
Letter from Jack Simons to Oliver Tambo Correspondence Jack Simons 1986-01-14
Message of goodwill and solidarity Correspondence United Democratic Front 1986-02-20
Message on the occasion of the Swedish people's parliament against apartheid , February 21 by Dr Davidson Nicol, President of the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) Correspondence United Democratic Front 1986-02-21
Letter from Felicia Forrest Correspondence Felicia Forrest 1986-02-24


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