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Africans in Cape Town: state policy and popular resistance, 1936-73 Theses B Kinkead-Weekes 1992-12-00
The muzzled muse: literature and censorship in South Africa 1963-1985 Theses Margreet De Lange 1993-00-00
Conscripts to their age: African National Congress operational strategy, 1976-1986 Theses Howard Barrell 1993-00-00
South African Trade Union growth, 1979-1991 Theses Andrew Frost 1993-00-00
A critical look at the role of the Muslim Judicial Council in the struggle for liberation in South Africa from 1960 to 1994 Theses Rabia Pandy 1994-00-00
Working in the apartheid city: worker struggles in Durban, 1959-1979 Theses Nelson Tozivaripi Sambureni 1994-12-00
The African National Congress in exile: strategy and tactics 1960-1993 Theses Dale Thomas Mckinley 1995-00-00
Beyond the barricades: the 1985 schools boycott and the vicissitudes of the Athlone Students Action Committee(ASAC) Theses Mukesh Vassen 1995-02-00
Leadership and conflict in Bushbuckridge: struggles to define moral economics with the context of rapidly transforming political economies (1978-1990) Theses Edwin Ritchken 1995-11-20
Three decades of South African school history textbooks: historiographical influence, change, and continuity from the 1970s to the 1990s Theses Lynda K. von den Steinen 1997-00-00
The apartheid city and its labouring class: African workers and the independent trade union movement in Durban, 1959-1985 Theses Nelson Tozivaripi Sambureni 1997-06-00
South African political prison-literature between 1948 and 1990: the prisoner as writer and political commentator Theses Gillian Carol Booth-Yudelman 1997-11-30
The United Democratic Front (UDF): a case study of democratic organisation, 1983-1987 Theses Gregory Frederick Houston 1998-00-00
From 'conscience politics' to the battlefields of political activism: The Liberal Party in Natal, 1953 to 1968 Theses Debra Anne Fyvie Moffatt 1999-02-00
Black consciousness and white liberals in South Africa: paradoxical anti-apartheid politics Theses Mabel Raisible Maimela 1999-12-00
Civil Society vs. the State: identity, institutions, and the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa Theses Craig Russell Charney 2000-05-00
KwaZakele - the politics of transition in South Africa: an Eastern Cape study Theses Janet Mary Cherry 2000-12-00
A mapping of the KwaZulu Natal political conflict with reference to Inkatha (1990-1993) Theses Richard Nkomzwayo 2002-01-00
Responses by black women to race and gender dynamics under South Africa apartheid with special reference to the Black Consciousness Movement Theses Nicole Lorenz 2002-03-00
The end conscription campaign 1983-1988: a study of white extra-parliamentary opposition to apartheid Theses Merran Willis Phillips 2002-11-00


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