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The Wananchi Declaration Journal articles Mohiddin, A M 1969-11-01
Africa in rhythm and literature Journal articles Head, BessieOgunsanwo, Olu Brutus, DennisFeuser, Willfried 1969-11-01
The poet and crisis Journal articles Mustapha, Mukhtar 1969-11-01
The voice of freedom Journal articles Kateb, Yacine 1969-11-01
Lobetal Journal articles Ikelle-Matiba, Jean 1969-11-01
Verse Journal articles Kgositile, Keorapetse Okai, John Mustapha, Mukhtar 1969-11-01
Decades of happenings Journal articles Grigg, JohnCornevin, Robert Nolutshungu, Sam C 1969-11-01
The day the thunder struck Journal articles Mustapha, Mukhtar 1969-11-01
Escape to freedom Journal articles Zwelonke, D M Z 1969-11-01
Africa's bitter dilemma Journal articles Prince Nyansako-Ni-Nku 1969-11-01
Talkback Journal articles van den Berghe, Pierre Nkoana, MatthewZwelonke, D M 1969-11-01
African religions Journal articles Head, Bessie 1969-11-01
Editorial Journal articles 1969-11-01
United Democratic Front: Last Beleaguered Hope Interviews United Democratic Front 0000-00-00
D. Tloome Interviews Dan Tloome | Julie Frederickse 0000-00-00
Interview with Joe Slovo by Julie Frederickse Interviews Joe Slovo | Julie Frederickse 0000-00-00
Interview with Raymond Suttner Interviews Raymond Suttner | Julie Frederickse 0000-00-00
Interview with the NUSAS President, Neville Curtis - the new NUSAS Interviews Neville Curtis 1970-07-00
Interview with Winnie Mandela on the Soweto riots Interviews Eric Abraham | Winnie Mandela | 1976-06-18
How June 16 demo was planned Interviews 1977-01-00


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