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Press Statement of the United Democratic Front Statements Popo Molefe 1991-02-27
Statement of the National Executive Committee of the National Executive Committee announcing the dissolution of the United Democratic Front Statements Popo Molefe 1991-08-15
Life histories Testimonies 0000-00-00
Six testimonios: bearing testimony - the stories of six ordinary lives Testimonies 1984-00-00
Testimony before the house foreign affairs subcommittees on African Affairs and International Economic Policy and Trade Testimonies Chester A. Crocker 1985-04-17
Statement by Zamngqondo Gingana evicted from the farm Bell Rock Testimonies Zamngqondo Gingana 1990-00-00
Statement by Fashion Somtsora and six others on the building of Donald Knott's house Testimonies Fashion Somtsora 1990-02-00
Statement of Tutu Jim Nqata about his eviction from Lindhurst Farm Testimonies Tutu Jim Nqata 1990-02-00
Statement by Moltino Mtantalala on his employment and subsequent resignation at Lyndhurst Farm Testimonies Moltino Mtantalala 1990-02-00
Draft theses: The Worker's Party of South Africa Theses L Trotsky 1935-04-20
Women in twentieth century South African politics: the Federation of South African Women, its roots, growth and decline Theses Colin John Walker 1978-00-00
KwaZulu in contemporary South Africa: a case-study in the implementation of the policy of separate development Theses Bella Schmahmann 1978-00-00
An investigation into the effect of race and politics on the development of South African sport (1970-1979) Theses Paul Gerard Anderson 1979-12-00
Soweto: urban politics, poverty and race in apartheid society Theses Philip Harry Frankel 1982-06-00
A study of Inkatha Yesizwe's approach to the youth, with specific reference to the Movement's Youth Brigade Theses Peta-Ann Teague 1983-00-00
For freedom without hunger: aspects of the South African Congress of Trade Unions with reference to the Western Cape Theses Barbara Sudano 1984-00-00
Conformity and conflict: Afrikaner nationalist politics in South Africa Theses John Lazar 1987-11-11
Trade unions, politics and the working class struggle: the Food and Canning Workers Union, 1975 to 1986 Theses Riyaad Schroeder 1988-00-00
Marxism and history: twenty years of South African Marxist studies Theses Roger Alan Deacon 1988-00-00
The politics of nonracialism: White opposition to apartheid, 1945-1960 Theses David Everatt 1990-00-00


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