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Mass Meeting Helen Joseph Posters unknown 0000-00-00
Memorial Service for Bantu Steve Biko Posters unknown 1979-10-00
Say No To Ciskei Independence Posters Unknown 1981-00-00
A vote for SAIC is a vote accepting racial inferiority. Reject Aparthate! Posters unknown 1982-00-00
Reject SAIC: Reject the puppet of Apartheid Posters unknown 1982-00-00
Bear This Apartheid/Hate Structure Posters unknown 1982-00-00
A vote for the SAIC is a vote for Aparthate Posters unknown 1982-00-00
Reject SAIC... Reject Aparthate Posters unknown 1982-00-00
Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial Meeting Posters unknown 1983-00-00
Yusuf Dadoo Posters unknown 1984-00-00
You Have Touched the Women Posters unknown 1984-08-09
Apartheid Education Posters Unknown 1985-00-00
SWAPO 25 Years Of Heroic Struggle Posters unknown 1985-00-00
No Interim Government; SWAPO Will Win Posters unknown 1988-00-00
Petty Apartheid Posters Unknown 1988-00-00
Open Our Hospital Now Posters unknown 1988-00-00
Mobile Figure Exhibition Posters unknown 1989-00-00
International Childrens' Day June 1 Posters unknown 1989-06-01
University of the Western Cape, Special Graduation Ceremony, 25 October 1991 Programs University of the Western Cape 1991-10-25
Minutes: University of the North Student's Representative Council extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Council Minutes University of the North, Student's Representative Council 1974-09-09


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