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The African Communist Volume 2 Number 4 July - September 1963 Journal issues 1963-07-00
What our readers write Journal articles 1963-07-00
Afra Newsletter Journals 1980-1994
Refusal to relocate from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 0000-00-00
Rubin Hare, affidavit re treatment by police following arrest on November 7, 1974, in Cape Town, International Universities Exchange Fund, The New Terrorists, 1976 Affidavits 1975-02-13
Incident at Trafalgar High School Affidavits 1976-09-03
Refusal to be relocated from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 1979-04-11
Refusal to relocate from Klipfontein to Glenmore Affidavits 1979-04-11
Afra Newsletter Number 10 February 1991 Journal issues 1991-02-00
Land reform and restoration: the Roosboom case Journal articles 1991-02-00
Afra Newsletter Number 11 April 1991 Journal issues 1991-04-00
Back to the land campaign 9/10 March 1991: the re-occupation of Charlestown, Criemen and Roosboom Journal articles 1991-04-00
Afra Newsletter Number 12 June 1991 Journal issues 1991-06-00
A fight for the land: the re-occupation of Criemen, Roosboom and Charlestown Journal articles 1991-06-01
Afra Newsletter Number 13 November 1991 Journal issues 1991-11-00
Gannahoek: a labour tenant land struggle Journal articles 1991-11-01
Afra Newsletter Number 14 December 1991 Journal issues 1991-11-00
Editorial Information Journal articles 1991-12-01
Topic: cattle impounding in the Weenen area Journal articles 1991-12-01
Afra Newsletter Number 15 May 1992 Journal issues 1992-05-00


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