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"We are not prepared to give the enemy a present" Journal articles 1988-10-00
"We are one" - fighting Philips in India Journal articles Mike Jacobs 1985-01-00
"We cannot believe that you would make us foreigners in the land of our birth" Journal articles Marj Brown 1987-02-00
"We congratulate our people ..." Journal articles OR Tambo 1981-06-00
"We Demand Fair Redistribution of this Country's Land": Paper presented at the Black Sash National Conference 1992 Conference Papers Black Sash 1992-03-06
"We mean business" Journal articles 1984-06-00
"We must build a real worker movement" Journal articles Joe Foster 1982-04-00
"We of Africa" Journal articles Chisiza, Dunduzu K 1963-02-01
"We shall mount the offensive" Journal articles James Makhaya 1982-10-00
"We should not allow the South African Government..." Journal articles Oscar Dhlomo 1988-00-00
"We the SSRC condemn...," handwritten statement Circulars Tsietsi Mashinini 1976-08-08
"We will not beg for help..": Attempt to politicize US scholarships slammed Journal articles 1984-10-00
"We work for the community" say women from Phoenix Journal articles 1989-04-00
"What is to be done?" Journal articles 1983-01-00
"Where shall I go?" Journal articles David Rabkin 1975-02-00
"While There is Time" Journal articles Edgar Brookes 1976-07-00
"White fears" vs human fears Journal articles Ronel Scheffer 1991-04-00
"Why I established Inkatha" Journal articles M G Buthelezi 1987-00-00
"Women are a formidable force" Journal articles 1981-09-00
"Yankee go home!" Journal articles Mafika Pascal Gwala 1984-12-00


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