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The role of the Trade Unions in the National Liberation Struggle Articles United Democratic Front 1988-00-00
New ball-game in South African politics Articles Leon Marshall, politcal editor 1983-08-20
United Democratic Front may cause a bigger stir later on Articles Star newspaper 1983-08-20
Thousands flock to United Democratic Front launch Articles Sylvia Vollenhoven 1983-08-21
Three presidents for coalition of the people Articles Steve Grbic 1983-08-21
Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak Articles Chris Freimond 1983-08-22
Strategic issues in the struggle for national liberation in South Africa Articles Harold Wolpe 1983-09-00
The United Democratic Front: a workerist response Articles Isabella Silver | Alexia Sfarnas 1983-09-00
Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo Articles Lionel Bernstein 1983-09-28
Planning for peoples war discussion document Articles African National Congress 1983-11-00
Legal analysis of Nkomati Agreement Articles Kader Asmal 1984-04-24
The occupation of the British Consulate in Durban, the Anderson visit and the role of the United Democratic Front in the international struggle against apartheid Articles United Democratic Front 1985-00-00
United Democratic Front and the Black Local Authorities Articles United Democratic Front 1985-02-00
A contribution from the Lusaka Regional Committee to the discussion initiated by Comrade Motshabi's memorandum Articles African National Congress 1985-02-01
Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension Articles Albie Sachs 1985-09-27
What is a nation Articles African National Congress 1985-11-00
Alternative Education Articles Jack Simons 1986-00-00
The situation in Katlehong Articles United Democratic Front 1986-00-00
Resistance politics will never be the same again... Articles United Democratic Front 1986-00-00
The United Democratic Front and the crisis in South Africa in the 1980s Articles Ineke van Kesel 0000-00-00


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