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'The Beau Ideal: General A. Horford

Colored portrait of General Honford posing for the Vanity Fair Magazine.

'The arrival of the Huguenots'(B)

Watercolor scene of the arrival of the Huguenots in South Africa, 1688.

'The arrival of the Huguenots'

Watercolor scene of the arrival of the Huguenots in South Africa, 1688.

'The Appeal of the Hottentots'

Black and white engraved scene of the Hottentot man and woman during an appeal.

'The Ampora'

The Second restoration of the Portland Vase. 

'Thatched Cottages in the Sunshine'

Color scene of thatched cottages with the sun on the background.

'Tanka Post Tambookie Kafirs'

Watercolor scene of white man riding horses, with three black man and dogs walking infront of them.

'Suplices de people de Guinee'

Black and white scene of men fighting with another being slain.

'Strychnos spinosa': Umhlalakolotshe

Strychonos spinosa also known as Spiny Monkey Orange is called uMhlala/Mhlalakolontshe in isiZulu or isiXhosa. This tree can be found in KwaZulu- Natal and Eastern Cape,can be eaten by both humans and animals.

'Street in Saintes- Maries'

Color scene of Saintes- Maries's street in betweent houses.

'Strathearn Show: Butcher Stall'

Winter scene at Strathearn of a butcher stall.

'Still life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers'

Color scene of a Vase with twelve sunflowers.

'Still life with Plaster Statuette'

Color scene of a plaster statuette with books and flowers around it.

'Still life with Bottle and lemons on a plate'

Color sceneof lemons and a bottle of water.

'Starry night over the Rhone'

Color scene of stary night with fire works over the town 'Rhone'.

'Starry Night at Cypress Village'

Color night scene of Cypres Village.

'St Salvador'

Black and white engraved scene of St Salvador a Portuguees sailing on the river of Lelunda in the Kingdom of Congo.

'Springboks Grazing'

Colored scene of a number of Springboks grazing on the field.

'Souvenir d'Albanise'

European Lady posing for a photo shoot.

'Something else"

An Abstracct of monochromes( Type: Oil canvas)


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