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Wooden Crocodile

Wooden carved crocodile.

Wooden cup

Wooden cup.

Wooden Dish

Round wooden food bowl, used by the Zulu tribe.

Wooden Dish

Two wooden carved dishes with lids, in a two toned color: black and cream. Donated by Mr. S Bourquin to the Campbell Collections.

Wooden figure of a Zulu man with head ring

Wooden figure of a Zulu man with head ring 

Wooden Hat

Wooden hat carved from the root of umkhuhlu tree and wire inlay. Bought by H.C Lugg from the owner at Kosi Bay in 1920

Wooden Knife

Wooden carved knife with a long waved blade. The are incisions on the handle. Donated by Mr. S. Bourquin to the Campbell Collections.

Wooden knife

Wooden knife

Wooden Ladle

Large Zulu wooden ladle, Oval in shape with burnt wood carvings.

Wooden Ladle

Spatula shape ladle with upper merging into the handle. Design: burnt edge and light wood.

Wooden models of carts and aeroplane. thsabelo 1960

Wooden models of carts and aeroplane

Wooden Necklace

Wooden necklace called Iziqu.

Wooden panel - Amabhaxa

Carved wooden panel with design depicts Zulu homestead, cattle, group of female carrying beer and men seated under the tree holding court hearing. These types of wooden panels  were originally used to make the framework in which rolled sleeping mats were stored in Zulu traditional homes.

Wooden plaque with Chagall's 12 tribes of Israel with inscription 'To Mr Paton from David Silvera, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Wooden plaque with shield motto 'Tria Juncta in uno'


Wooden plate

Circular wooden plate with four legs and a handle on the side

Wooden Plate

Circular plate with four legs and a handle on one side.It is known as Isithebe in IsiZulul

Wooden Pot

A carved Zulu pot in a shape of beer-pot with a lid. There is a carving on one side of a knife; shield and a spear. On the other side there is a bird.

Size: 26cm.

Wooden Puppet

Wooden puppet operated by wire to jump up above the wooden burnt relief plague. Carvings of human figures can also be seen on the plague.

Wooden Puppet

Wooden puppet dressed with ibheshu, operated by wire and made by M. Mkhwanazi from Hlabisa in 1959.


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