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Laduma's products as a artisan in skin

Further buttocks coverings, and frontal aprons, izinene. to the left a necklace from many strips of different skins (hanging down on the chest). to the right kuduhorns. At the bottom grass to be worked into a brush.

Kei River

Black and white scene of the Kei River.

Laduma's products as a artisan in skin

Shields of different size and buttock covering, amabheshu, put by Laduma on the wall of a round hut, the roof of which was burnt by lighting which Laduma's bad brother Susa had sent- as was told.

Laduma's favourite MaMhlongo, Ziphelaphi Mhlongo Madela in her hut.

Ziphelaphi is a female doctor, inyangakazi. she holds a diviner's switch over her right shoulder and licks fluid medicine from the fingers of her left hand. in front of her a potsherd with liquid medicine.

Bafungile serves beer to her husband Laduma.

Bafungile serves beer to her husband Laduma who sits on an improvised bench in the yard. Bafungile kneels politely in front of him ( and will take the first sip from the beer pot, ukhamba, to demostrate that the beer is not poisoned)

Views in Natal: Captain Didymus.

Mixed media scene of Captain Didymus and mounted rifles.

Laduma's wife Bafungile straining beer and serving beer

In her hut fills Bafungile still unclean beer from the large earthen pot into the beer strainer. Laduma's wife straining traditional beer.

Views in Natal: Velge River outpan, Aug 19 1851

Mixed media view of Natal with a scene of flat topped hill and river in 1851.

Gandhi (nd from the right) at Volksrust at the time of his arrest in connection with the 1913 strike. On his left is Miss Schlesin (his secretary) and on his right, H Kallenbach, a co-worker.

Black and white print 25.9 x 20.2cm

Scene of a Waterfall and figures.

Watercolor scene of waterfalls and figures sitting and enjoying the view.

The great march to the Transvaal, 1913. "Our march through Volksrust"

Black and white print 25.9 x 17.6cm

Snow covered kraal

Watercolor scene of a kraal covered in snow with cattle in the foreground.

'Three Women washing clothes in a river'

An Abstract scene of three women washing clothes in a river, with rees and huts in the background.

'Three Women preparing food'

Mixed media scene of three women preparing food outside the huts in an open fire.

'The Good Shepherd'

Scene of a  Shepherd tending  to his flock of sheep.

" The Visitation"

Scene of two Angels visiting a church alter.

Scene of a flat country with flat topped hills

Scene from a flat country with a flat topped hill.

Traditional Healer working with Lightning

Watercolor portrait of a traditional healer outside his hut working with lightning.

'Kaffirs on a March'

Mixed media scene of Hottentots on a march riding oxens.

'Jackson Dlamini: Mfengu'

Watercolor portrait of Jackson Dlamini a Mfengu man from the Eastern Cape.


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