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Motsotsang Kunene

Motsotsang Kunene - Hlubi - Nquthu - Zululand 

Magadalena Tala

Magadalena Tala - Pedi Mother - Eastern Transvaal 

Views of Natal: 1853

Watercolor scene of Natal in 1853.

Victory Blanket

Victory Blanket -  Mamathe - Basutholand 

Views in Natal:1844- 1853

Watercolor scene of tranquil river with two figure enjoying the view.

Engaged Woman - Hubi

Engaged Woman - Hlubi -  Nquthu 

Kweta Boy

Kweta Boy - Peddie

Young Girl - Kung Bushman

Young Girl - Kung Bushman - Karakuwisa S.W.A 

'Biggers Berg'

Watercolor scene of Biggars Berg in 1852.

Young Girl - Xhosa

Xhosa - Gonubie - Ciskei

Mastandu Nyawuza

Mastandu Nyawuza - Young Married Woman - Western Pondoland 

View of part of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge.

Watercolor view of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge with people  crossing.

Groom's Mouth Piece

Groom's Mouth Piece - Tonga -  Gwembe - Valley 

Xhosa Youth

Xhosa Youth - Pre - Kweta School  - Kei - Valley 

Bull Painting

Scene of a ball fight with spectators watching.

Laduma wearing a tortoise-shell.

Portrait of Laduma wearing a tortoise-shell he had made into a hat protecting him magically against lightning.

Laduma from behind.

Laduma from behind. the back of the waistcoat and the top of the peaked cap are beautifully decorated with genet skin.

View of the entrance of False Bay

Watercolor scene of False Bay with people fishing.

Laduma's products as a artisan in skin

Half length potrait of Laduma. his necklets are: Beads cut from the long bones of a rd duiker, imithi, with the hoof of that duiker as a pendant.

Laduma's products as a artisan in skin

Laduma was very fond of beautiful clothing and partly made his outfit himself. in the right hand the battle axe he had made himself, in the left hand the large shield he had made himself.


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