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"A Toast"

Abstract scene of an official giving a toast.

"A Throne"

Abstract scene of a kings's throne in the palace.

"A Thief"

Abstract scene of a sneaky thief.

"A Swine"

Pencil sketch of a fat swine in a farm.

"A Sumurai"

Portrait of a Sumarai.

"A Springbok"

Sketch scene of a springbok.

"A Sailor"

Abstract scene of a merry sailor.

"A Ranger"

Abtsract scene of a Ranger patrolling on his horse.

"A Rabbit Raid"

Comical scene of an officer negoitiating with a Rabbit during a rabit raid.

"A Proposal"

Romantic scene of a man on one bended knee, proposing marriage to his lady.

"A Prey"

Abstract scene of a bug trapped as a pry in a spider's web.

"A Prey"

Abstract scene of a Lion preying on an unsuspecting deer acroos the river.

"A prayer for another South Africa"

"A prayer for another South Africa"

"A Pope"

Abstract scene of a Pope with two Saint boys outside the church. 

"A Peacock"

Abstract scene of  peacock.

"A Noble Man"

Abstract scene of a Noble man with his smoking pipe.

"A nice boy"

Abstract scene of a young silly boy sweeping the floor at school.

"A Musician in his Profession"

Abstract scene of a musicial perfomning under a post.

"A Musical"

Abstract scene of a cousins doind a musical over a piano.

"A musical Concert"

Abstract of a musical concert with frogs playing instruments. 


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