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'Freed: Captain F. G. Banarby

Colored portrait of Captain Banarby posing for the Vanity Fair Magazine.

'Fred: General Fredrict Marshall'

Colored portrait of General Fredrict Marshall posing for the Vanity Fair Magazine.

'Fort Napier: The Three Soldiers'

Pencil scene of three Soldiers on horses in Fort Napier.

'Fort Napier: Pietermaritzburg'

Pencil scene of African man and women with horses in the background in Pietermaritzburg.

'Fort Napier: Invisible Figure'

Watercolor scene of Fort Napier with an invisisible figure on the background,


Black and white scene of a forest in South Africa.

'First Steps'

Color scene of father and mother watching their child taking her first steps in the veld.

'First Born'

Photograph of Mr. E. Ngcobo's first born.

'Fine Flowers on a Sterm'

Black and white diagrams of flowers in a sterm.

'Female Undergarment'

A female undergarment hanging on the nail.

'Evening Shadows' Bay Esplanade, Durban


Label on photograph: " 'Evening Shadows' Bay Esplanade, Durban"

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2) ;

File 7 (KCM 91/2/7) ;

Sheet 1



'Evening Concert at the City Hall of Durban'

Black and white abstract of an evening concert at the City Hall in Durban.

'European Couple'

Watercolor of Europain couple.


The groom and his family ready to meet the bride and her family in 'Esigcawini'.


Women dancing during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


Mr. & Mrs Ngcobo dancing Esigcawini.


Mrs. Ngcobo  and her Matron of honour leading the family to meet the in-laws.

'Ensimbini Homestead'

Colored abstract of Ensimbini homestead.


Ms. Winters and the Campbell Collections staff attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


Mr. Ngcobo's birth place.


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