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' Isibhamba"

Coiled bearded belt in white, green and blue beards. It is worn by married women from the Maphumulo area in KwaZulu- Natal.

' Isibhamba"

Bearded belt in white, black and red beards with a triangle design. It came from KwaNongoma area in KwaZulu- Natal.

' Grapes & Vine'

Black and white abstract of a Grapevine.

' Ensimini'

Black and white scene of a Zulu woman with a baby on her back while toiling the fields.

' Basutholand'

Watercolor scene of Basutoland village with mountains in the background.

' A White Negro female'

Black and white portrait of a white negro female posing.

' A White house'

Watercolor scene of a white house behind trees and flowers.

' A prayer for another South Africa"

Scene of two roosters facing each other in front of two houses with a man standing on the doorway in one.

' A Lady in Bataerice'

Black and white scene of a Lady in a white robe being served.

' A Horse'

Wtercolor scene of a brown horse.

' A God sent Eland'

Pencil scene of tents and human figures camping near the river, with Eland passing by.

' A Farm'

Watercolor scene of a farm.

"Zwane's houses" - Amazwi abasifazane memory cloth project.

"Zwane's houses" - Amazwi abasifazane memory cloth project.

"Zulu, Natal"

"Zulu, Natal"

"Zulu Wooden Spoon"

Wooden carved spoon with a tradition Zulu man on top of the handle. The shaft of the spoon has a zig zag design and it splits in the middle to represent the legs of the man

"Zulu Woman"

"Zulu Woman"

"Zulu Witchdoctor"

"Zulu witchdoctor (Herbalist) devining with devination bones for sick patient" 

"Zulu wedding"

"Zulu wedding"

"Zulu Wedding"

Embroiled memory cloth titled "Zulu Wedding".

"Zulu Warrior"

"Zulu Warrior"


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