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" Busaphi's wedding"

An image of a Zulu traditional woman on her wedding day  with sketches of huts and trees around it.

" Bushman Paradise"

Scene of Bushmen stalking a springbuck among red lillies.

" Children at play"

Symphonic abstract.

" Days of Darkness"

Black and white monochrome abstract of an old man watching over his child lying on the floor sleeping.

" Decorated Envelop"

Decorated envelop addressed to Miss Hlekabenqaba Mhlongo. A sketch of an airplane can be seen as well as a South African stamp.

" Discord"

Polychromatic abstract of a figure playing a musical instrument.

" Double vision"

A township scene in black white of children playing.

" Elijah"

Monochrome scene in black and white.

" Ezitolo"

A pen and colour pencil scene of a series of shops, tea room, general dealer, butchery etc. Palm trees surrounding the center and mountains behind.

" Ezweni lesithembiso"

Colourful scene of rastafarians dancing to a casette player in a rural scene. ( Type: watercolour)

" Flight of emergency"

Abstract scene of faces in a charcoal symphony.

" Guitar Girl"

Polycrhomatic abstract figure playing a guitar.

" Hard Times"

Monochrome abstract of a husband and wife looking sad and drained inside a house.

" Henneus religieux queles Cafres redent a' la lune"

Black and white engraved scene of Hottentot village dancing under the moon light.

" Holy Spirit"

Black and white of figures with a holly spirit in a form of a dove.

" I lose my way and have to sleep in the Open"

Pencil scene sheep lost in the field.

" Ibhaxa"

Small wooden carved mat rack, known is 'Ibhaxa' with two panels joined in the middle. Each side is painted and decorated in yellow diamonds . It belonged to the Bhadasi clan from Nongoma in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Imbhenge"

A plaited colored telephone wire plate,known as Imbhenge in isiZulu. It was made by an unknown nine year old Zulu boy from one of the townships in Kwa Zulu- Natal. Donated by Mr. S. Bourquin to the Campbell Collections.

" Imbhenge"

Grass woven beer pot cover decorated with beads, also known as Imbhenge. It was made in the 1950's from KwaMajozi in the Msinga region of KwaZulu- Natal.

" Imbhenge"

Telephone wire basket, in red, blue, white and green colors. It is known as Imbhenge in IsiZulu.


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