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Melville lieut Teignmouth 1842-1979

The cross marking the grave of Lieuts. Melville and Coghil

Miller; image of a farm, Cape Town

Allister Miller; image of a farm

Mountain scenery


Unlabelled photograph


Description:  The photograph depicts a mountain in the background, with some rows of trees at the foot of the mountain, and buildings partially hidden amongst the trees.  There is a succulent plant, probably an aloe, in the foreground. 


Natal and Zululand from earliest times to 1910 : a new history

Written by twelve historians and two archeologists, this history of Natal for more than 20 years is edited by two professors of history in the University of Natal. This book deals with a number of

Natal Colony

 Natal Colony executive council

Natal Native Contigent

Natal native contigent. Depict the contigent

Newspaper article on the Indian Market

Newspaper article on the Indian market

On the Buffalo

On the Buffalo, East London

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Mr B J Vorster opening the 1970 session of the CRC. Empty opposition benches on the right

Black and white print 16.6 x 21.5

Police Officers

Umbumbulu Police Station

Police Officers  marching

Umbumbulu Police Officers  marching

Scenery: Mountains and forest


Unlabelled photograph (MS BRUECKNER H22) ;

Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2) ;

File 4 (KCM 91/2/4) ;

Photograph placed in sleeve labelled "H: Photographs of Scenery by K.R. Brueckner."



Seminary; girl washing in the river

Inanda Seminary; girl washing in the river

Seminary; girls returning to school

Inanda Seminary; girls returning to school

Seminary; school girls

Inanda Seminary; school girls

Seminary; Zulu girl dancing

Inanda Seminary; Zulu girl dancing

Shembe Church dancers on the dancing ground

Shembe Church dancers on the dancing ground

Sibusisiwe Makhanya: Inanda Mission

Sibusisiwe Makhanya: Inanda Mission

Stuart James

 Stuart James 1868-1942

Sutherlands Football Club

Seniors. Founded 1944, affiliated to MDIFA


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