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Sharon Temple Mayville Villa Rd

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Sharp Grenville 1735-1813

Sharp Grenville

Sharpeville massacre

A mass funeral for victims of the Sharpeville massacre, 1960. 69 people were killed when the Sharpeville police opened fire on a crowd of protestors ...

Shaw Alexander 1860

Shaw Alexander 1860

Shaw Barnabas 1788-1857

Shaw Barnabas

Shaw Family

Shaw family (standing) Janet Payn, (Seated) Janet Payn,snr, Alexander Shaw, M.J Hackland

Shawl with embroidery in wool, Bantu Agricultural show, Hlabisa, 1959

Shawl with embroidery in wool, Bantu Agricultural show, Hlabisa, 1959.

Shaykh Lutfallah mosque

The main entrance to the mosque is located on the east side of this small ... As a result, when viewed from the maydan, the mosque's main portal iwan and dome do ...

Sheba Hill, Barberton


Label on back of photograph :


"Sheba Hill"

Identification from original album

Original photograph in KCL red bound Ph. Album in the Erskine MSS. p. 16.

Photograph album donated to KCL by Mr. M. Elton Mills, January 1984.



Sheena Duncan (right)

Black and white print 20.9 x 15.5

Sheep and calf

Sheep and calf

Sheep and drinking lamb

WCP 1524 Sheep and drinking lamb

Shell shaped Butter Dish

Watercolor scene of a Shell shaped butter dish with two knob legs.

Shelter cascade howick

Shelter cascade Howick

Shelter cascade howick

Shelter Cascade howick

Shelters on the beach

Shelters on the beach, Durban

Shelters, Durban beach

Shelter, Durban beach

Shembe baptism, eKuphakameni, 1953

Shembe baptism, eKuphakameni, 1953

Shembe Church

Kilted dancing group, Shembe Church


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