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" Ukhezo"

A medium sized wooden carved spoon. The handle has rectangular holes on it.

" Ulimi"

Multi colored bearded necklace for men from Enyosini area in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Umhlekimi"

Bearded necklace in mixed colors on a white bearded patch with words 'Umhlekimi' from the Nkandla area in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Unity"

Monochrome abstract in black and white figures joining hands.

" Uyinja Nawe"

Bearded necklace in a rectangular black/ blue patch tied on a white bearded string with words written in white.

" Visit to the Clinic"

A scene of two dolls made out of wood, cloth and beadwork. One representing a nurse holding a baby while the mother is waiting behind her. A bed and medicine cabinet can also be seen.

" Vurest: killing and destruction bring no peace"

Colourful scene of people running others hurt or dead on the ground. A burnt house can be seen on the bacjground.

" Waterfall"

Black and white of figures, men, kneeling woman and musical instruments.

" We hope the bright will come"

A scene of two figures looking at the sun/ moon.

" Welcome home"

Monochrome abstract of figures carrying goods going home. Tall buildings and an Aeroplane can be seen.

" Wena Soni"

Bearded necklace in black/ navy or green and white beards with words " Wena Soni' This necklace is part of a whole costume worn by a boy given to him by his girlfriend. It came from the Emabomvini/ Msinga area in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Wina Nawe"

Bearded necklace in green and white beards, with words" Wina Nawe", The necklace is part pf the whole costume worn by a boy. it came from the Emabomvini/ Msinga area in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Woman & Child of the Bushman Race"

Black and white engraving of a Koi mother and child.

" Wooden Sculpture"

Wooden sculpture of a white man in overalls with hands in pockets. This sculpture was made by Fifteen year old scholar at Matimatolo School in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Wooden Violin"

Wooden carving of a violin and it's string. It was made by Mashololo Henry who was a student at Umzinyathi High School  from  Inanda Township In KwaZulu- Natal.

" Woza Lavi Wami"

Beaded Necklace of a nine year old girl. The necklace is made out of white, green and red beads with words ' Woza Lavi Wami". It came from Qhudeni/ Msinga area in KwaZulu-Natal. This necklace is part of the whole costume worn by girls.

" Yizebesho"

Bearded necklace in white and black with words ' Yizebesho'. It came from the Nkandla area in KwaZulu- Natal.

" Zakheleni"

Scene of a village, clusters of huts, school and mountains in the back ground. It is a pen and colour pencil painting.

" Zimkhulu"

Colourful scene of huts among trees. ( Type: Oil Painting)

" Zulu Wooden Spoon"

Twisted wooden carved big Spoon, KwaZulu- Natal. It was donated by Mr. S. Bourquin to the Campbell Collections.


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