Thumbnail Title Description
" Isigqiki"

Small wooden carved headrest on two solid legs that are sitting on a straight smoothly carved wood. There are incisions on the legs.

"Indondo iqondisa amahhashi emqgeni"

Mixed media scene of a man with horses pulling a cart.

" Ithunga"

Wooden carved milking pail with protruding incisions on the sides to maintain balance. It is known as Ithunga in IsiZulu from Ndwedwe area in KwaZulu- Natal.

"Lady Campbell

Portrait of Lady Campbell.

"Horse Racing"

Abstract scene of a jockey riding his horse during a horse racing show.

"Jockey Boots"

Abstract sceen of jockey fashion.

"Rabbi & his Horse"

Abstract scene of Rabbi riding on his horse.

'Ye Jockey"

Portrait of a jockey holding a switch.

"Young Officer"

Portrait of young officer in his full uniform.


Abstract scene of a worried big man.

"A Messenger"

Portrait of a young messager. 


Abstract scene of Aldershorf recoverying from a horse fall.

"Little Fowl"

Abstract scene of a little fowl.


Incomplete sketch of a man riding a horse.

"The Empires"

Abstract scene of two empires fighting over grounds.


Abstract scene of a couple enjoying sunlight at Moutebarlo.

Palm tree

Abstract scene of a small plam tree.

"New Moon"

Abstract scene of a royal guard appreciating a new moon.

A Cook

Portrait of a Cook in his uniform.

"Ye Royal Scots"

Abstract scene of a royal scout.


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