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Notes on the status bill
Notes of meeting at General Smut's house
Memo by JHH on coalition movement
Meeting with Roos
OBB letters
H's contribution to "political development"
Mr R F Currey: Grahamstown
Justice Schreiner: Johannesburg
South Africans in India
Extract from letter to Sir Raza Ali
Report of a speech made by J H Hofmeyr
Extract from speech by J H Hofmeyr at inauguration of Keren Hayesod campaign
Resignation from Cabinet letters
Copy of letter from George Heard
Gambling and National Life
The Indian Views Newspaper : January - February 1916

Indian views newspaper during the months January and February 1916


The impact of drought pestilence and Cattle Diseases on the Peasantry of Natal (1896 - 1906)

That the environmental and ecological dimensions of agriculture have not been fully considered in the past has created some problems in attempting to assess their specific role in the period 1896-1906.

Green Gold or Green Deserts Contestations between the choice of poverty or commercial tree planting by Rural Communities in KwaZulu-Natal Timber paper SAPPI MONDI

This paper summarizes the limited conditions of rural poverty which made the communities in KwaZulu-Natal accept commercial tree-growing schemes as a way to confront the cycle of poverty in which they are trapped.

Coffee and arrowroot - the quest for a staple agricultural export in the colonial economy of Natal

The publication of Guest and Sellers book Enterprise and Exploitation in a Victorian Colony in 1985 represents an important milestone in the historiography of Natal in that it is the first collection of essays, focusing on specific social and economic characteristics and phenomena of colonial soc

Challenges facing informal sector micro-enterprises in Newlands West : the case of female owned home-based dress-making enterprises (Thesis, 2007)

This study seeks to investigate the challenges facing informal sector micro-enterprises in Newlands West, using the case study of female owned home-based dress making enterprises in the South West of Durban.


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