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South African Indian Council memorandum on group areas act and community development act

Memorandum on the Group Areas Act and the Community Development Act

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South African Indian Council

South African Indian Council Records

M D Barmania SAIC records to be handed to joint secretaries 1948 - 1949

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Newspaper articles on the South African Indian Council

South African Indian Council. Copy of letters

SAIC correspondence


Re: George Singh

India and Pakiistan Delegation

South African Indian politics and labour 1920-1933

Most earlier studies of South African Indian politics have
often been based on the assunption that, regardless of class
cleavages, there existed e,nong Indians a fundanental unity
of interests. Although these writers often indicated

South African Indian Problem - Save South Africa

Pegging Act, Union Parliament, segregation, mistreatment of Indians, Purchase of property, Human rights, provincial barriers

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South African Labour Bulletin. - vol.21. - 1997
South African Labour Party: Non-European policy
South African National NGO Coalition
South African Newspaper political newspaper articles 1994-1995
South African Novel
South African Odyssey
South African Party Policy

It has been represented to the Government that, in Durban and elsewhere, you have a White part of the town, and an Indian with sufficient wealth buys a house right in the middle of that area and thereby depreciates the property in the neighbourhood.

South African Political Newspaper articles - African National Congress - 1998-1999
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South African Politics - loose items
South African Politics 1981 - 1982


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