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An Investigation of musical aptitude among Indian primary school children with special reference to psychological correlates

This report describes an investigation into the correlates, especially psychological correlates, of musical aptitude among Indian children.

An ‘Imagined Community’ in Diaspora: Gujaratis in South Africa

Increasing attention is being paid to the heterogeneous identity of Indian South Africans. This article contributes to this literature by highlighting the distinct migratory history of Gujarati South Africans and the importance these histories have in perceptions of community identity.

ANC - Manifesto - 1999
ANC - Strategy and Tactics
ANC 50th National conference
ANC 51st national conference presidents report
ANC 85th Anniversary 1997
ANC constitutional guidelines
ANC Flag
ANC government and economic policy

WHILE sitting at an ONF dinner party the other day, the conversation turned inevitably to politics and in particular the likes and dislikes of each at the table of prominent people - including former Cosatu secretary general Jay Naidoo.....

ANC government and economic policy press cuttings
ANC Government Economic Policy
ANC IFP call to rehabilitate

Tension, intolerance, hostilities and hatred characterise political and human relations between
the ANC and the IPF, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal but also in the rest of the country.

ANC Interim Constitutional Framework
ANC KwaZulu-Natal PEC Bulletin
ANC KZN PEC bulletin Nov 2001
ANC manifesto 2004
ANC Manifesto, 1999
ANC national General Council, 11-15/07/2000
ANC press cuttings

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