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A scene of a woman carrying a beer pot on the head, walking on  path while the cow is grazing on the grass. House, trees and mountaing in the background.


A scene of a hut with mountains in the background ,there is a scene of a forest and a path. Pen and colour pencil.


Scene of huts, tree and cows grazing infront..


Scene of a road going through the village of two huts, winding to school or a Mission behind trees.


A scene of three huts behind trees, there is a woman carrying a water pot in the head and a cow grazing in the back ground.


Pen and and colour pencil painting of huts between trees, there are mountains in the back ground.


Native huts, river and a series of mountains. Pen and colour. 


Two Zulu men drinking beer outside a hut. There is also a woman in the background carrying a water pot on the head.


Scene of huts, trees, and high mountains. Pen and colour

'Uhambolwethu Esikoleni"

Colourful scene of a man walking down the round past a factory. Cyprus trees and mountains in the background. ( Type:Tempera)

'Sesi hambile'

Scene of two rural woman carrying water pots on their heads. Pen and colour.


Rural scene of homestead on mountains, Mexican Cactus on mountains. Pen and colour.


Pen and colour pencil scene of two women entering a homestead of two huts, carrying beer pots on their heads.n Other huts and mountains can be seen at the far end.


Scene of homestead as compound sorrounded by trees and  mountains. Pen and colour.


Self potrait of the artist walking in rural environment.


A scene of huts, road with river running under the bridge. There is also a row of trees and mountains in this pen and colour pencil painting.


Pen and colour pencil of a covered ox-wagon preceeding along the road. There is also a mountain background.


Rural village. Pen and colour.


Three traditional Zulu men drinking beer in a homestead. There is also a dog with a bone closeby. 

"Ebony shopping center"

Pen and colour pencil scene of a shopping complex with people going in and out of it. A township can be seen behind.


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