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Inyang'uDuma reading bones at his home during a divination session.

Makhoba Trevor

Campbell Collections researcher  Mr. Dingane with Trevor Makhoba at his home holding one of his paintings.

Makhoba Trevor

Watercolor scene of a Man standing in an authoritative manner over a group of old men's head with two eagles and a dog next to him.

Makhoba Trevor

South African artists Trevor Makhoba with one of his watercolor work.


Inyanga uDuma during a consultation with a patient where he is using his bones to devine.

Makhoba Trevor: Umthakathi

Watercolor scene of a Man standing on an authorititave manner over older men's head with two eagles on top and a dog. Works by Trevor Makhoba.

Cele Sthokozo

South African artist Cele Sthokozo holding one of his painting' Isah Shembe' at Campbell Collections.

Khehla Ngobese: Beach Front

South African artist Khehla Ngobese holding one of his painings' Beach Front' at Tatham Art Gallery.

Alfred Ngobese

South African Artist Mr. Alfred Ngobese at Campbell Collections.

Wedding Dance

People dancing during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


A young maiden attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding. 


Mrs. Ngcobo  and her Matron of honour leading the family to meet the in-laws.


Mr. Ngcobo and his Grooms performing a Shembe ritual dance during his wedding.


Mrs. Ngcobo sharing gifts to family members during her traditional wedding.

Killie Campbell Staff

Killie Campbell Staff attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding at Umsinga.

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