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Trevor Makhoba's Home

A view of Trevor Makhoba's home.

Ngobese Khehla: 'Peace Song'

South African artists Khehla Ngobese holding one of his paintings ' Peace Song' at Tatham Art Gallery.


Mrs. Ngcobo sharing gifts amongst her family during her traditional wedding.

'Youth Choir'

Youth choir singing during a reception at Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.

Mr.Ngcobo Ephius

Mr. Ngcobo Ephius a staff member at the Killie Campbell.

Mr. Ngcobo Senior

Mr. Ngcobo's father at his Son's wedding.


Mr. Ngcobo and his Brother showing their Zulu traditional clothes.

Mr. Ngcobo's Wedding

Guest at Mr. Ngcobo's wedding giving them blessings.

'Abaka Mkhwenyana'

Mr. Ngcobo and his family off to meet his bride and her family at the veld known as 'Esingcawini'.


Abakhongi, Mr. Ngcobo's represantatives.


Mrs. Ngcobo with her Matron of Honor accepting money from the guests in her wedding.

'Ugogo nabaZukulu'

Mr. Ngcobo's grandmother with her great grand children.

Wedding Kist

The Bride's brothers holding her wedding kist.


A young maiden attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.

'Abaka Makoti'

The Bride's family accompanying her to meet her in laws.


Elderly ladies sitting around the Bride's Kist during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.

The Groom and his Groom's men

Mr. Ngcobo, second from the left leaving home in a traditional Zulu dance to meet his bride.


Mr. Ngcobo's bride with her matron of honor sorting out wedding gifts during her wedding.

'Groom & the Bride'

Photograph of Mr. Ngcobo and his bride in church during their wedding.


Mr. Ngcobo's birth place.


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