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In the middle 3-4 months of 1994 interested observers and an expectant electorate were treated to regular accounts of progress in finalising the RDP White Paper (WP). Originally scheduled for release in mid-July, the......

The RDP Programme: A View from the Tripartite Alliance

This is more than a point to chalk up in the election......

The Reconstruction and Development Programme: A View from Business

Welcome elements
The RDP contains much that must be welcomed. Its very production is a positive step. Few political movements participating in lhe elections can have put on the table so comprehensive and detailed a document.

Executive Summary, Vol 1, No 6, February 1995

AB the time for delivery, rather than goal setting, for the RDP approaches, so the problems of both a technical and a financial nature loom ever closer. The economy is, all things considered, in better shape, even if sectors of business remain sceptical of all aspects of the RDP.

RDP & Social Justice

South Africa has been plagued by social injustices, firstly through colonialism and then later through apartheid.....

The RDP: Two Reviews - Half Full? .....or Half Empty

The ANC Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) aspires to be the most significant statement on SA society since the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955.

Local Government Elections of October 1995 (30/01/1995)

"If a picture can paint a thousand words ........ "

RDP Management Programme

For Senior Executives in the Private and Public Sectors

'Social Relevance'-the acid test for the humanities

These years of rapid socio-political change in South Africa represent the 'best of times and the worst of times' for the humanities, says Professor Gerald Pillay of UNISA's Theology Faculty.

Human Sciences Research Should Focus on National Priorities

Bulletin Nov/Dec 1994

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