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Campbell Family photographs-groups

S.G.C and wife (left)

Girl Guides of South Africa

CF Cooking, CF Competition.

Beaded Belt

Colorful beaded belt, with different shapes.


Wooden carved dish with two handles on each side, from Nongoma in KwaZulu- Natal.

Scene of a flat country with flat topped hills

Scene from a flat country with a flat topped hill.

'St Salvador'

Black and white engraved scene of St Salvador a Portuguees sailing on the river of Lelunda in the Kingdom of Congo.

'Gone to Earth'

Color scene of travellers with their horses.

'Dance at the Mosque'

Black and white engraving scene of Hottentots dancing at the Mosque.

Hottentot Homestead

Black nd white engraving of a Hottentot homestead.

Fort Pearson

Anchor, Port Person

Easter Stamps

Small fine sheet of Easter stamps


Eskom, Glencoe, Drummond

John Clark Collection

Fire Tragedy - Durban, 1908 June 25

Girl Guides of South Africa: Miss Agnes Bulley's Own

Opening of the plaques at Fairfell.

Zulu traditional homestead

Zulu traditional homestead

Pietermaritzburg Royal Agricultural Show, 1977

Pietermaritzburg Royal Agricultural  Show, 1977 (Sheep)

Silver Collection: Spoons

Silver collection of spoons.

'Uphondo no Khanda'

'Uphondo no Khamba', Utensils for mixing medicine.


'Igula', Clay wooden carved milk storage.

Zulu Woman

Zulu woman dressed in traditional outfit.


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