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'Isigqiki', small wooden carved stool.


'Isigubhu', large music drum made out of cow skin.


'Isigubhu', small beaded gourd for carrying and storing medicine.


'Isilulu', small grass woven basket with lid.


'Isiphandla', Goat or cow skin bracelet,  that is worn by family members after a ritual.


'Ithunga',  wooden caved calabash with incisions and handles which are called 'amasumpa'.


Wooden carved knobkerrie with beads.


'Izikhali', large shield and spear used for fighting.

'Malay Old Man: Cape Town'

Watercolor portrait of Malay old man in Cape Town.

'Malay: Cape Town'(B)

Watercolor portrait of a Malay Man in Cape Town.

'Nagai Tartars'

Black and white portrait of a King and his wives.

'Ngoma Dance'

Photograph of a Ngoma Dance, a group of Zulu men perfoming the Zulu traditional dance.

'Oecoume des Hottentots ou Caffers'

Black and white abstract of Hottentots involved in a fight.


Wooden statue of a mother praying with her rosary while the child is kneeling next to her.

'Prophet Isaiah Shembe'

Prophet Isaiah Shembe leading his followers in dance, taken before his death in 1935.

'Springboks Grazing'

Colored scene of a number of Springboks grazing on the field.

'Threshing Sorghum'

Xhosa women from Transkei threshing surghum after harvest.


Watercolor abstract of plants in Dick King's garden in his house at Isiphongo in KwaZulu- Natal.


'Ukhezo', medium sized grass and beads flat whisk for stirring African beer.


'Ukhezo', medium sized grass and beads flat whisk for stirring African beer.


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