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The" Kindered Spirit" of Imperialism: South Africa and Anglo- American Relations - 1895 - 1902

This paper attempts to assess South Africa's role and its relative priority within the broad parameters of Anglo-American global relations at the turn of the century.

Theories of Imperialism revisited in South Africa

The study of Europeans in Africa.......

Transvaal Asiatic Registration Certificate

Under the act, every Asian man, woman or child of eight years or upwards, entitled to reside in the Transvaal, was required to register his or her name with the ...

Troops leaving Durban Station - During Anglo Boer War

Troops leaving Durban Station

Using the Past - Myth and History in Simon's Town

The fieldwork upon which this paper is based was carried out between 1970 and 1975 with the financial support of the University of Cape Town.....

Woman in white robe
Women in Sarrie
Workers spraying the Cane field

Sugar cane industry in Natal


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