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M. M. Dadoo merchant - Krugersdorp
Letter to the Inspector of Nuisances Office

Letter to the Inspector of Nuisances Office...

I beg to inform you that on the 1st instant the night soil service was the Congelle and a portion of the Berea districts in accordance with the resolution of council.....

Latin American Frontiers

In 1931 the American geographer Isaiah Bowman refetted to Latin America as a "continent of pioneer fringes". (l) Years later to-day his words are still true but nov hither to neglected regions have become a matter of....

Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Johannesburg Suburbs 1904 Map

Johannesburg is a large city in Gauteng Province of South Africa. It was established as a small ... and Johannes Rissik, who both worked in land surveying and mapping. ...

Indian Women washing clothes Umgeni River

Durban is home to the largest Indian population in South Africa. ... commodities such as payer goods, spices, cooking utensils, religious books and clothing. ... The main areas that Indians occupied were beyond the Umgeni River, ..

Indian with turban & dog
Indian Passport

Passport to travel

Indian Merchant
Indian jugglers outside Kenilworth Hotel Johannesburg

Indian Juggler

Indian Family Umzinto
Image from the Surendra Bhana Collection - Old Woman in White Sarie
Illustrated London News

 on the Transvaal Frontier, the lamentable loss of life which occurred there and the possible danger to which his small force, although.....

Group of 7 in Photo
Group of 19 Neg. No. 6, 7
Group of 19 Neg. No. 6, 7
Group of 11 in Photo


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