St. P. Selhost Marianhill

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" Schlafend Kid"

Color portrait of a baby.

" The Visitation"

Scene of two Angels visiting a church alter.


Color portrait of an Indian Man in Cape Town.


Charcoal on paper sketch of Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross.

"Draped Women"

Pastel sketch of two draped women, one sitting and one standing.

"Jesus Christ"

Charcoal on paper sketch of Jesus Christ kneeling and flanked by his disciples.

"Tenderness from Mysery and War"

Charcoal on paper sketch of a mother and daughter cuddling.

'From the depths, we cry to thee O'Lord'

Charcoal sketch of a sick man lying down on the floor, with an image of Jesus Christ hanging on the wall.

'Horror to Mothers: misery of war series'

Charcoal on paper sketch of a mother holding her child.

'The Good Shepherd'

Scene of a  Shepherd tending  to his flock of sheep.

'Three Women preparing food'

Mixed media scene of three women preparing food outside the huts in an open fire.

'Three Women washing clothes in a river'

An Abstract scene of three women washing clothes in a river, with rees and huts in the background.

Anatomical Diagram of a male figure

Black and white anatomical diagram for the study of a male body.

Anatomical Diagrams of fourteen human limbs

Mixed media anatomical diagrams for a study of human limbs.

Anatomical Diagrams of two human figures

Watercolor anatomical diagrams for a study of  two human figures illustrating bows and muscles.

Anatomical Sketch of a Human Male

Anatomical Sketch of a human male figure from the torso, kneeling down.

Anatomical Sketch:Arm and shoulders

Anatomical sketch for a life study of a shoulder and arm.

Anatomical Sketches

Two anatomical sketches of muscles in the neck, from front and profile.

Anatomical Sketches: Head, skull, neck and shoulders

Black and white anatomical drawings of a head, skull, neck and shoulders.

Anatomical Sketches: Male Torso

Black and white anatomical sketch of a male torso.


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