Speryn D. M.

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'Kaffir Boom Granule'

Watercolor abstract of a South African Flower.

Harbour Scene: Durban Bay (B)

Watercolor scene of Durban Bay.

Harbour Scene: Durban Bay

Watercolor scen of the Durban Bay with the City in the background.

Durban Bay: Bluff & Jetty

Watercolor scene of boats in the Bluff with the light house behind.

Durban Bay: Bluff Harbor

Watercolor scene of boats at the Bluff Harbor.

Harbour Scene

Watercolor scene of the Durban Harbour.

Skill life

Watercolor scene of fruits in plate.

Gate- post with pot on top.

Watercolor scene of a gate with a pot on top with trees in the background.

Tug- Boat

Watercolor scene of a boat in the ocean.

The Origin of the 'Talking Machine'

Color scenes of the origin and development of the 'Talking Machine' known as the Grama-phone.

Nutshell Novels

Color scenes of mini novels with illustrations.

Natal Coast: Homestead

Color scene of a homestead with thatched huts in the Natal Coast.

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