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Ndebele Paintings

A young Ndebele woman posing in her traditional outfit with a painted hut in the background.

Ndebele Paintings

Ndebele homestead with its disinct wall paintings.

Ndebele Paintings

Ndebele homestead with distinct wall paintings.

Ndebele Paintings

Young Ndebele girl in her traditional outfit leaning on a painted wall.

Ndebele Patterns

Scene of a Ndebele homestead showing its distinct wall paintings.

Copper Jewelry

Copper chocker, anklets and bracelets used as currency and wealth amongst the Ndebele.

Mopani Worms

Dried Mopani worms were used as currency in Northen Transvaal.

Animal Skin

Animal skin prepared for trade or battering.

Clay Pot

Clay pot was worth its contents of mealies, or other grains.

Tobacco Trade

Tobacco was also used as trade in African countries.


Ivory is still considered the highest trade in the world.

Iron Hoes

Iron hoes used for trading.

Copper Ingots

Copper ingots from Messina used for battering.

Copper Rod Money: Phalaborwa.

Copper rod money used as currency in Phalaborwa.

Iron Spears and Arrows

Iron spears and arrows were also used tp trade.

Mpande Shells

Mpande shells used as currency in African countires.

Katanga and Missionary Copper Crossed

Katanga and Missionary copper crosses, which showed the status of the person.

Cowrie Shells

Cowrie shells used as currency to buy slaves and ivory.

Bead Money

A string of bead money made out of Ostrich shells, used as currency in African countires.


Oxen and cattle are still used as currency in African countries.


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