Smythe Collection

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The Shrine

Scottish National War memorial: The Shrine.

'Joueux Noel'

A boquet of Joyeux Boel Roses.

Rhode's Cottage

Rhode's cottage at Muizeneberg.

La Grotte de Gardanne

View of La Grotte de Gardanne.

The Linnet

A linnet bird sitting on a postbox.

Voortrekker Monument

Voottrekker Monument.

Wild Flower Reserve

A wild flower resverve with a little girl enjoying an ice cream behind the flowers.

Prince's Street: Edinburgh

Scene of Pine Street in Edinburgh.

Tugela River

Scene of the Tugela River and the Drakensberg Mountains.

Shakespear's Knott Garden

Shakespear's Knott Garden on Straford.

Table Mountain

Scene of the Table Mountain of Cape Town.

La Corniche D'OR

View of La Corniche D'or.

Queen's Doll House; Apartment furniture

Queen's doll house: wadrobe and chest of drawers in the Queen's apartment.

Queen's Doll House: Bedroom furniture

Queen's doll house: some of the furniture in the Queen's bedroom.

Queen's Doll House:King's bathroom

Queen's doll house: the King's bathroom.

Queen's Doll House: Princess Bedroom

Queen's doll house: Royal Princess's bedroom.

Queen's Doll House: Kings's Bedroom

Queen's doll house: scene of the King's bedroom.

Queen's Doll House

Queens doll house: view of the Queen's bedroom.

Queen's Doll House

Queen's doll house: royal crowns, gold and silver plates for dining and royal swords.


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