Smythe Collection

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'Souvenir d'Albanise'

European Lady posing for a photo shoot.

The Parish Church

The Parish church in Keston.

The Parish

View of men in an outside court.

'Inanda Seminary'

Aerial close view of Inanda Seminary in Phoenix; KwaZulu- Natal.

'Caledon': Flower Reserve

Caledon: wild flower reserve.

'Inanda Seminary'

Aerial view of Inanda Seminary; Phoenix Kwazulu-Natal.

Courtyard march

A souldier on horseback during  King George Two's Assemble when the news of the capture on the Queen. 


Different scenes and beautiful places of Luzern.

Old Lymb Road

Old Lymb Road in Charmoth.

The Maidenhead River

View of the Maidenhead river.

Agricultural College

An Agricultural College in Pietermaritzburgh.


A river running through the Drakensburgh mountains.

West Street: Durban

Durban West street.

Roman Catholics

Roman Catholics outside the Catholic church after a Mass ceremony.

Sun Coast Casino

The Sun Coast Casion in Durban.

The Queen's Doll House: The Queen's bathroom

The Queen's doll house: the Queen's bathroom.

Entrance to the Shrine

Scottish National War Memorial: Entrance to the shrine.

Black Watch Memorial

Scottish War Memorial: Black watch memorial.

The Shrine

Scottish National War memorial: The Shrine.

'Joueux Noel'

A boquet of Joyeux Boel Roses.


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