Smythe Collection

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Wild Life: Reedbuck

A pair of Reedbuck.

Wild Life: Waterbuck

A waterbuck next to the river.

Catheradral Park: Drekensberg

Cathedral Park in Drakensbergh.

Pietermaritzburgh Town Hall

Pietermaritzburgh town hall.

Weather Satelite

Wether satlellite launching over the globe.

Weather Satellite

A weather satelite photograph of the globe.

Weather Satellite

A weather satellite launching over the globe.

Weather Satellitte

A Weather satellite in space.

London Policeman

A London policeman controling traffic.

Home of Tourists

A home of tourists: South African Hotel.


Amanzimtoti in KwaZulu- Natal.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo,a Hotel in Paris.

Agricultural Hall: Estcourt

Estcourt Agricultural Hall.


Winter in Halemaumau.

'Lugano Paradiso'

'Lugano Paradiso'

Church Street

Church Street in Cape Town.

Almond Bank:Woodend

Almond bank in Wood end.

Show room J.R Ivy

Show room Ivy Pty LTD in Pretoria

Nottingham Road

The station in Nottingham road, KwaZulu-Natal.


'Carved tablet:Napia.


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