Smythe Collection

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View of Durban. 


Trees reflecting on the river.

New Headquarters: St John Ambulance

New Pietermaritzburg headquarters, St John Ambulance.

Soldiers: Scotland

Scotland soldiers.

Natal Parks, Game & Fish Preservation Board

The Natal parks, game and fish preservation board.

Bishop Barry

Photograph of Bishop Barry.

Chapler to Queen Victoria

A Chapler to Queen Victoria from Bishop Barry.

Heston Parish Church

Heston Parish Church in Middlesex.

St. Vincent

View os St. Vincent.

Captain Victoria Drummond

Navy Captain Victoria Drummond.

Emblem: British

A British emblem.

Flag: Nottingham Road

A Flag of Nottingham road: 1913.

Catheradral Park: Drekensberg

Cathedral Park in Drakensbergh.

Pietermaritzburgh Town Hall

Pietermaritzburgh town hall.

Weather Satelite

Wether satlellite launching over the globe.

Weather Satellite

A weather satelite photograph of the globe.

Weather Satellite

A weather satellite launching over the globe.

Weather Satellitte

A Weather satellite in space.

London Policeman

A London policeman controling traffic.

Home of Tourists

A home of tourists: South African Hotel.


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