Smythe Collection

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'Where Peace and Concord dwell'

Watercolor scene of the beauty of nature and wild animals.

Bluff Entrance Channel

The Bluff Port entrance channel.

The Roman Cameo -glass Vase

The restoration of the Roman cameo-glass Vase. 

'The Ampora'

The Second restoration of the Portland Vase. 


Eastern view of Pietermaritzburgh.

Walk in Botanical Gardens

A walk in the Durban Botanical gardens.

Town Hall Buildings

Town hall buildings from municipal gardens: Durban.

Durban & Bluff

Durban & Bluff from the Berea.

Adderley Street: Cape Town

Adderley Street in Cape Town.

Durban Town Hall

The Durban City hall in West Street.

Parliament House: Inside

Inside the Pietermaritzburgh Parliament house.

Parliament House: Pietermaritzburgh

The Pietermaritzburgh Parliament House. 

Farm: Cattle kraal

A small black little girk standing infront of the gate for the cattle kraal.

farm House

A farm house in the middle of a forest.

The game of Polo

The game of Polo.

The game of Polo

The game of Polo.

Geduk's Butchery

Gertrudk' s butchery in Pretoria.

'Count Me In'

'Count Me In', Poetry booklet.

'Kowahai': New Zealand

'Kowhai', New Zealand's National flower.

Strathearn Stream

A peaceful scene of the Strathearn stream.                                                                                                                                                                     


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