Thumbnail Title Description
The Culdesac"

Monochromatic abstract of a tall female figure floating on air and hovering over the mountain. Two dogs are at her footsteps.

"Adverse learning conditions"

Scene of a man wearing a graduation gown standing in front of shack houses.

" The return of Peace"

Black and white scene of man rising from the grave with Jesus in the sky while two alcoholics are making their way to Sipho's Tarven.

"The bursting bond"

A black and white portrait of a male figure with his hands on chains,while smiling.

"The deadly herb"

Black and white scene of men smoking marijuana.

" The Street Cleaner"

Monochrome figure of a man holding a broom next to a rubbish bin, across the houses sweeping the street. There are four similar prints of this work.

" Neighbourliness"

Scene of African women helping each other inĀ planting and toiling theĀ fields.

" Squaters"

Scene of a person moving possesions on an ox wagon.

" The Dead Surviver"

Monochrome abstract of figures hovering over a man that looks dead behind bushes. There are five similar prints of this work.

" True Friendship"

Monochrome scene of a man lying on the ground with his dog standing guard over him.

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