S S Singh Collection

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Letter and Newspaper cutttings from Swami Bhawani Dayal

Letter from the N.I.C. India Office

South African Indian Congress Policy in the Future

Policy in the South African Indian Congress in the future

Report of the deputation that waited on The Rt. Hon. General J C Smuts

South African Indian Congress reports

SAIC and DIO- various Memoranda and reports 1946 to 1948

South African Indian Conference

SAIC and DIO- various Memoranda and reports 1946 to 1948

Report by the members of the deputation on the Natal Indian Organisation

Franchise Rights and Wrongs

My second impression was of the variety of types that had come together, drawn by this common purpose. As Dr.

Correspondance bet.Govt of India and Govt of Union of SA on Class Areas bill,Paddisson deputation and the cape Townconf.1925/1927

Telegram from the Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Education, Health and Land, Delhi to the Governor General of the Union of South Africa.....

A Book and Its Misnomer

A Book and Its Misnomer

Indians in South Africa, 1860-1914: the British Imperial Philosophy on Trial

EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY mercantilist dogma notwithstanding, the earliest stirrings of British imperial activity owed their inception to private initiative rather than governmental enterprise.

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