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Black and white photograph of a young man dressed in his traditional outfit from Eshowe.


Black and white photograph of three Eshowe girls, dressed in beadwork that indicate that they have come out of age and are ready for marriage.

Entrance Cottage to Castle

Black and white sketch of a cottage entrance to the castle.

'Fort Napier: The Three Soldiers'

Pencil scene of three Soldiers on horses in Fort Napier.

'Fort Napier: Invisible Figure'

Watercolor scene of Fort Napier with an invisisible figure on the background,

'Amahlongwa Mission House'

Watercolor scene of Amahlongwa Missions House in which Rev. Mc-Kuiney stayed.

'Theo Ad- Mineral's house & Twupike'

Pencil scene of a Mineral's house in Simone's Bay.

" Mary Caton"

Pencil Scene of Mary Caton sitting between trees on the 24th of October in 1844.

'The Tanka Post

Pencil scene of the Tanka Post in June 1846

" I lose my way and have to sleep in the Open"

Pencil scene sheep lost in the field.

Views in Natal: Itoli Mountains (B)

Watercolor scene of the Itoli Mountains, with tents, carts and figures it's foot.

Views in Natal:Itoli Mountains.

Watercolor scene of Itoli Mountains with Carts, tents and human figures at the bottom.

Views in Natal:Port Natal

Watercolor scene of Port Natal in 1849

Views in Natal:Waterfalls

Watercolor scene of Waterfalls with human figures in the bottom enjoying the view.

Views in Natal: Country scene of a Horse

Watercolor scene of a horse with a man and mountains on the background.

Views in Natal: Captain Grantham

Watercolor scene of Captain Grantham nearly killed by a wounded Buffalo.

'Tanka Post Tambookie Kafirs'

Watercolor scene of white man riding horses, with three black man and dogs walking infront of them.

'Orange River'

Watercolor scene of the Orange River when it is full.

'A Zulu Kafir'

Watercolor  portrait of a Zulu man with a loin cloth and holding a stick.

Views in Natal:1844- 1853 (B)

Watercolor scene of Natal Views of 1844-1853 showing waterfalls.


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