Photographic collection of Durban Markets

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Traders outside the market

Traders selling outside the market

New Victoria market

Customers, traders and tourist inside the Indian market at Warwick Avenue

Hawkers at the Warwick Avenus market

Indian traders

Indian market in Durban

Durban Indian Market

Indian market

Stall holders, customers at the Indian market

Indian market

Indian market and traders


Hawkers at the market

Indian hawkers at the Old Warwick Market

Hawker at the Warwick Avenue market

Warwick Avenue bridge - Railway station

Indian traders

Victoria Street Market

Building of the New Market in Victoria Street

Victoria Street bridge

Bridge going to the market

The New Victoria Street Market

Victoria Street Market

Empty stalls at the market

Indian market, empty stalls

Old Schools opposite the New Victoria Street market

Image of the old shops opposite the New Victoria Street Market

Old Indian Market

Old indian market

Warwick market

Warwick Avenue Market

Building of the new Victoria Street Market

Ariel view of the New Victoria Street Market

New Railway Station opens at the Indian Market

New Railway Station at the Indian Market

Newspaper article on Market Decision

Newspaper article in the Graphic on the Indian Market

Durban Market in 1917

The Durban in the early 1900's


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