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Indian Family

Indenture family in front of their hut

Filling sugar in bags

Workers in the storage area on a Sugar Mill

Family in front of hut

Family in front of hut

Bishop Stoke Mill

Sugar Mills in Natal


Sugar cane flourished so much in Natal that the first mill was set up on the Compensation flats in 1850. As sugar became a larger crop in about ...


Sugar Mill - 1900 - Overport Hartley

Hartley's Mill started crushing in 1874. At the end of 1880, Hartley's Overport Sugar and Coffee Estate

Mr H Robinson

Sugar Barons


After 10 Years service some Indians returned Home

Report of the Protector of Indian Immigrants for the Year 1877

Report of the PROTECTOR OF INDIAN IMMIGRANTS 1877-1888. Report of the Protector of Immigrants for the year June 30, 1895. Report of the ...

Petition by 10 Waiters of the Royal Hotel to the Protector

Protector of Indian Immigrants was appointed in response to these abuses. The ... A petition by ten waiters

Financial Statement and Receipt of Installment of Property

Report of the Protector of Indian Immigrants

Zulu Warriors

Group of Zulu Warriors

Letter of guarantee for transfer of Indians

Indian Immigration Trust Board

Early Implements issued to the Indentured labourers for use in their daily work

Early Implements issued to the Indentured labourers for use in their daily work

Agreement Law

Law 13 of 1859: dealt with the arrival of immigrants into Natal.  In summary, this law stated that only licensed persons could bring immigrants into the Colony.  The Immigration Agent (later the P

Tea Estate

Tea estates in the Stanger district on the north coast made the most intensive use of women's labour on plantations. Mechanisation was not ...

Indian Xmas at the Umgeni River

Umgeni River

Bamboo square settlement at the Point on the beach population

Bamboo Square at the Point, Durban' was one nineteenth century settlement of ... Coast. In the next phase the settlement was inhabited by workers who.

Indian Women washing clothes Umgeni River

Durban is home to the largest Indian population in South Africa. ... commodities such as payer goods, spices, cooking utensils, religious books and clothing. ... The main areas that Indians occupied were beyond the Umgeni River, ..

Indian jugglers outside Kenilworth Hotel Johannesburg

Indian Juggler


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